Once upon a time, there was a very special place. A place that captured the imagination and hearts of children of all ages. A place that celebrated the wisdom of generations – while cultivating a lifelong love for learning. Welcome to the Intergenerational Learning Center!

Here, we believe in extended family.

Imagine your child having a group of loving grandparents who live next door and gather together weekly to visit, teach and play. That’s the idea behind the Intergenerational Learning Center®. Our intergenerational learning program unites children ages 6 weeks through Pre-K with seniors from The Commons on Marice, the senior living community next door. This unique program provides purpose, connection and community for both children and seniors.

We love to exercise our curiosity.

Our environment is child-centered, hands-on, safe yet stimulating. We encourage children to follow their natural curiosities, because that’s when learning happens naturally. Language development, social skills, actions and consequences, sharing with others, following directions and understanding differences are woven into daily activities. With our child-centered philosophy, children grow quickly in confidence, skills and self-esteem.

Being in nature helps us explore and imagine.

Nature is a generous teacher, so we get outside or work with natural materials as much as possible. We balance outdoor and indoor activities, quiet and noisy time, field trips and special events. In the classroom, interest areas can include dramatic play, books, large muscle activities, blocks, puzzles, math, language, science, animals, technology, art and music.

We feed our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We partner with Lancer Dining Services, a locally-owned and family operated business established in 1976, to provide exceptional food for snack and meal times. Together, we believe that the simple act of breaking bread together, even at a young age, is an essential social experience that can nurture positive relationships and healthy living. Our learning kitchen provides children the opportunity to experiment and then enjoy their creations while seated in our “dockside” dining area. They periodically complete a cooking project to bring to their “grandparents” at The Commons on Marice. Sometimes the seniors and children even cook together.

Intergenerational Living & Health Care

A Charitable Organization Enhancing the Lives of Seniors and Children

Intergenerational Living & Health Care is a nonprofit organization pioneering interactive programs for children and seniors. Based in Minneapolis, the foundation owns health care, assisted living, residential communities and an early childhood center in several states where it fulfills on carrying out the mission of improving the quality of life for children and older adults.

  • For seniors, we provide housing, health care, programming, services, and interactions between the generations
  • For youth, we enhance learning opportunities and responsible choices by educating the whole child, including interactions with seniors
  • For the community, we promote understanding and support between the generations

The Goodman Group

The Learning Center was established in 1999 and continues to be managed by The Goodman Group, a leader in residential, senior living and health care communities, and commercial properties. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and established in 1965, The Goodman Group is committed to its mission: “To enrich the quality of life by inspiring greater well-being in every individual.”

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Intergenerational Learning Center®


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